It’s HERE !!! Christmas !!! My favourite time of year. Lots of excuses to dress up, put on the heels, makeup, give and receive gifts and just be happier than usual.

There’s lots of opportunities to get glam during the holiday season so here’s some ideas of the best looks to be Christmasy.


“Christmas is not in tinsel and lights and outward show, the secret lies in an inner glow”

….. True Mr. Wilfred A. Peterson ….. but …. we can help it along !!!


It’s the best time to overdo on glitter eyes and highlighted cheekbones. If you are like me, however, and short on time usually, skip traditional glitter for the eyes. To be effectively applied you need to add a glitter sealant then the glitter, wait to dry etc. Invest in different colour glitter liquid liners. You can use them to amp up a winged liner or apply all over the lid for the desired glitter effect.


For the super highlighted cheekbones you can go to different levels.

– Simply apply more product than you would usually.
– wet your brush before picking up product and dab on the cheekbones. Use your finger to blend in.
– Apply a liquid highlighter first, blend, then add powdered highlighter, blend. They’ll see that beautiful highlight from the moon, believe me.



’Tis the season for winged liner. Make sure they are sharp and dark. You can even do double wings. The key is a good liner. The usual pencil liner is not the best for this work. A good gel liner or even better a felt tip liner will do the job. You can draw your wing and then outline with glitter to create that perfect holiday look.





The holiday staple is a killer red lip. Anyone can wear a red lip. Don’t be afraid.


Fair complexions usually have a pink-based undertone. To really compliment your skin tone, use blue-based reds or pink-based reds—think raspberry. These red lipsticks will pick up the pink tones in your complexion and really make your smile pop.

Light complexions usually have a yellow-based undertone. To really compliment your skintone, use a slight orange based red. These lipsticks will pick up the golden undertones and really brighten your complexion.

Medium complexions can lose and gain a suntan easily, so change your red lip based on the season. In the summertime when you are soaking up rays, wear an orange-based red. This will compliment your bronze skin and lend a brightening look to your complexion.In the winter when you’re cozying up by the fire, wear a blue-based red. This will complement your lighter skin tone while giving the appearance of brighter teeth.

Olive skin tones have a yellow-green undertone that tans very easily. To really compliment your bronze skin tone, use a brick or rust colored red. These earthy tones will warm up your complexion while blending with your skin effortlessly.

Caramel complexions have a yellow-based undertone. To really compliment your skin tone, use a true cherry red. These red lipsticks will pick up the warmth in your skin tone and really brighten your smile.

Golden dark skin tones have a yellow undertone.  This type of skintone can really play with pigment when it comes to choosing a red lipstick. For a bolder look, try a true red. This will pick up the warmth in your skin and create a brighter complexionFor a more natural looking red, try blue-based reds; think plum. This will compliment your darker skintone and create a unified look.

Deep complexions can really play with pigment when it comes to red lipsticks. If you want a bolder look, use an orange-based red to really make your pout pop To have a more natural looking red, use a blue based red—think Merlot. Both types of reds will compliment your skin tone and create a brighter smile.”

Source – theeverygirl.com

For the season give the matte lip a rest and go glossy!

So remember above all else makeup is not rocket science. Have fun, be bold, be the best you !


Down and Out into Up and Away

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” – Robert Kiyosaki

As a small business owner I have been blessed to have found a niche business for myself that has been profitable from the get go. I chose the long way but the path in my mind was the safest. I gave up family time but working my business as a side hustle gave me an opportunity to build a clientele and gather experience while saving and still having a day job to fall back on. Thank goodness Gregory loves to cook 🙂b6e6093f18f61c831d2a9653f480c4e8

I did this for a couple of years until taking the step into full time status. Even then I was relatively shielded from the harsh reality of start up life. I had a comfortable home studio to work out of, savings in the bank and a steady loyal clientele.

Then reality hit. It was time to move out of the comfy little bedroom I turned into my home studio and face the world of rent, egos and disappointment. The pressure was on to pay two rents, deal with difficult and erratic personalities, environmental factors out of my control while still keeping my clients happy, growing the business and keeping to my motto of happiness, peace and prosperity, in that order.

The most recent disappointment was not being able to take advantage of what would have been an easy opportunity to grow the business in a larger space. Worst yet the choice was completely out of my hands and came as a surprise. This was at first devastating as I now had to face the fact that I would have to move out on my own and look for my own space. While this was always my dream I wanted to do it in my own sweet time. Reality check… Life doesn’t happen in our own time.

0dd3037fd47f9efff158d04b1a89d4e1I was stressed. I was worried. The new responsibilities threatened to overshadow the joy and excitement and most importantly gratitude of now having MY OWN STUDIO. I was at a stage where every little disappointment would send me into a new state of depression, panic and doubt.

Down and Out is not cute. I had breakouts and bad makeup people !!! GASP!! But I’m here to tell you that it’s not real. It’s a state of mind. Your failure is in your own imagination. My new responsibilities made me paint pictures of cataclysm and world destruction.

I couldn’t go on like that. What did I do? I forced myself to be positive. I sat back and measured the strength of my desire…. IMMENSE …. The size of my dream ….. MAMMOTH …. so guess what ?How do I handle disappointment ? With a smile and a redirection of energy into something to help me grow. A client had to reschedule this morning so with my new mind set instead of sulking, I am writing my first blog post since July. Disappointment turned into creativity, joy, service and purpose.


I share these articles to help others who may be going through their own crisis of disappointment so I hoped it helped.


…… Today you will SHINE.

It’s been a while. Life is to be lived and boy, was I living for the past couple of weeks. St. Lucia Carnival 2017 has been by far the busiest I have ever been for a Carnival season. Some of you know that I am a model for the prestigious Just 4 Fun Carnival Band and so my duties to the band and to my clients kept me very very busy. I loved every second.

That said I am happy to be back to the routine of servicing my clients both by providing my beauty services and writing these blog entries. The carnival season inspired the content of this article.

“Be Bold, Be Brave Enough to be Your True Self” – Queen Latifah

What better time to apply copious amounts of makeup and various other embellishments to the skin than Carnival? I love the Carnival season for just that. The perfect opportunity to go all out with the Glam.

After that though we have to make sure we pay attention to our true selves. The life after Carnival. Who have you pleased, who have you offended, have you made any careless promises? Have you been true to the face you put on for Carnival?

That face by now has been washed off, so let’s talk about repairing the damage done to our skin after the revelry… shall we ? 😉

Two days of sun, copious amounts of alcohol, dehydration, falling asleep in your makeup … I could go on. Here’s how I protected my skin during and revived it after.

  1. All throughout the season I made sure and use a good Sunscreen mixed into my everyday moisturiser. My product of choice is PCA Skin Active Broad Spectrum SPF 45. Thanks Lotus Touch Beauty Barbados for turning me on to the line.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 1.58.37 PM

  1. If you are into the season and hitting a lot of events while trying to balance work like me, the body needs to be able to take it. I hit the gym hard as usual but paid special attention to making sure I ate properly and was very hydrated. This helped me keep my energy up through the rigorous schedule of events Just 4 Fun put on.
  2. After the festival I made a bee-line straight to the spa to get a deep facial. My face was cleansed, a light scrub was done to wake up the skin and get the blood flowing through to make the extractions which were then done easier. I fell asleep at some point but I know she did a bit of dermabrasion as well.

If you weren’t an avid fan of skin care before I urge you to start. As a working Makeup artist I see so much damage under makeup. You can only hide bad skin for a limited amount of time with makeup. It’s worth taking care of the skin if only to make your makeup look better. Here’s a routine you can follow

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Serum
  4. moisturizer
  5. sunblock
  6. primer
  7. liquid foundation
  8. under eye concealer
  9. powder foundation
  10. highlighter
  11. blush
  12. eye primer
  13. brows
  14. eye shadow
  15. eyeliner
  16. mascara
  17. lip liner
  18. lipstick

Thanks again for reading and have a great week.

What to look for in a Beauty Service Provider

Last Wednesday evening I hosted my first Instagramlive Question and Answer session.  This medium is nice to reach you guys more intimately and interact in real time so I will be doing one every other week. I had a great time so thank you guys who tuned in and spent some time with me. For those of you that couldn’t join us please see the full recorded video and an outline of what was covered below.

I chose this topic because I always have clients who come in and have had less than satisfactory service not just with other makeup or lash artists but in the beauty industry as a whole. When I asked ore questions sometimes it could have been avoided by asking certain questions.

For any provider in the beauty industry you should always:
1. Look at their work … see it on friends , social media, website or portfolio.
2. Find out their policies … cancellations, touch ups, allergy or other problem solving.
3. Where are they located ? Is the environment safe, comfortable and clean?
4. What are their views on ensuring the health and safety of the medium working on i.e. the natural lash, hair, nail or skin
5. Do you like their attitude and demeanor?

With regard to my specific area of expertise the questions you should ask are as follows:

Hiring a Makeup Artist
– What are your qualifications?
– What makeup products do you use?
– What if you get sick and can’t do my makeup?
– Are there extra costs , travel , touch up etc ?
– Do you do house calls ?
– How much experience do you have ?
– Can I see see your portfolio?

Hiring an Eyelash Extension artist
– Are you licensed ?
– Where did you do your training ?
– How long have you been applying extensions ?
– Can I see your work ?
– What brand of adhesive and extensions do you use ?
– do you recommend for post application maintenance ?


How’s about some makeup trends?

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 8.51.45 PMAs some of you know I am the SHE Caribbean Magazine Beauty Consultant. It was my honor to be the Makeup Artist on the Spring issue’s cover. The cover featured none other than St. Lucia’s First Lady, Mrs. Raquel DuBoulay Chastanet.

As such my article dealt with how I incorporated the current Spring 2017 makeup trends into the cover and feature article looks.  Its not too late to try these trends before the US Summer hits in full force and changes up worldwide makeup preferences again.  Be sure to check out the SHE Caribbean Magazine website to download the full magazine to any electronic device

Enjoy the article

“Lights, Camera COVER !!!” – How I incorporated some spring 2017 makeup trends during our cover shoot.

 Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 8.54.53 PM
Work is a blessing and a joy. It was my pleasure and privilege to have worked with St. Lucian First Lady, Mrs Raquel Du Boulay-Chastanet for this issue’s cover.

Since the 2017 spring trends have been in circulation, I decided to make this issue’s cover looks up to date by employing the ones I found most appealing.


No makeup makeup is back !!!! Alicia Keys was the first to embrace this whole heartedly in 2016 and it has become a trend for 2017. The New York Fashion week was full of fresh faced models walking the runways.
Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 9.00.39 PMTo achieve this look on Raquel I first used CoverFX MATTIFYING PRIMER to prep the skin. To give a very understated contouring of the face I applied LA GIRL PRO CONCEAL shades under the foundation. NEUTRAGENA HEALTHY SKIN LIQUID MAKEUP was then used to blend the contour products.


In traditional vocabulary “Draping” is a verb used to describe the action of arranging cloth. Makeup gurus however, have a way of creating their own vocab, so in 2017 be in the know and use this verb to refer to blush application. The technique is basically contouring using blush.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 9.00.49 PM

The technique worked very well on Raquel as I was able to enhance the no makeup look with a pronounced flush of blush color. It was very flattering on her paler skin and showed up well on camera. The MORPHE COSMETICS 9N Blush palette was so convenient as there are a range of beautiful colors to choose from.
The draping was enhanced with some golden highlights from the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS “THAT GLOW” GLOW KIT.


We all loved the matte lip in 2016. Say goodbye ladies, the new trend in 2017 …. STAY GLOSSY !!! On a minimalist makeup look, a glossy lip ads depth to the color and the overall look. Colors are vibrant and rich. We are especially loving reds this season.
On our cover model I used a variety of vibrant glossy tones.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 9.00.59 PM

 My favorite was KAT VON D EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK IN BACHELORETTE. This product however, is not very glossy and I used a clear gloss over top. So don’t panic ladies. No need to throw out all those matte lip products


Those peepers are still on trend with the glitter we loved in 2016. Rose tones are especially popular.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 9.01.06 PM

I used a number of beautiful tones from my MORPHE COSMETICS 35B palette. For shades that didn’t have enough pop URBAN DECAY HEAVY METAL LINERS were a godsend. Apply a little of these glitter liners over top your matte eye shadows and get ready for fire works.

Spring breathes new life into the world around us so bloom where you are planted with these SHE CARIBBEAN adaptations of the latest makeup trends.


Do I Stay or Do I Go?

As a Beauty Consultant I am finding that I double as a Psychologist a lot of times. Whether it’s an eyelash extension client, a makeup client or a model at a shoot …. I find myself sometimes listening to or witnessing intimate moments in my clients’ and colleagues’ lives.

I think it’s because our field is so intimate. When you are finding out how best to make your client beautiful it is inevitable that you have to tap into what makes them ultimately happy and so inadvertently unhappy. As part of a team of beauty providers, we are constantly feeding off of each other’s creativity, motivation, inspiration and mood.

This brings me to the inspiration for today’s blog. One of my colleagues has reached a point where they think it’s best to move on. Today was their last day with their team. I felt the emotions. Sadness at leaving, relief at putting an end to a difficult situation, excitement for what is to come. How did they know it was time… How did they decide to stay or to go ?


Relationship, work or your favorite shade of Anastasia Liquid Lipstick … it’s a choice. Everyday we wake up and wether we are conscious of it or not , we make a choice. We make a choice to love our spouse, our kids. We make a choice to get dressed and go to work. We make a choice to wear that favorite shade of red lipstick. You may say no , one has to go to work, one has to love one’s family, without makeup one looks terrible so one has to wear it. I have news for you….. we CHOOSE to do these things. You choose to love your family because they are yours and they make you happy. You choose to go to work so you can pay bills, put food on the table. You choose to wear makeup because you don’t want to startle yourself every time you pass a reflective surface. When making the choice becomes a conscious effort however, you need to start asking yourself … Do I stay or do I go?


I believe you cannot love anyone or have passion for anything until you unconditionally love yourself. The situations you are in affect that self love. Is your spouse constantly insulting you and damaging your ego? Is your job forcing you to be the constant bad guy and affect peoples lives negatively ? Is your mascara making you look like arachnophobia 2 is about to be filmed on your face ? You can’t honestly feel self-love in these situations. Ask the question … Do I stay or Do I go ?


Does your life make a difference ? Does your existence make the world a better place? Do you feel appreciated by your family, friends, employer, clients? Do you feel that you currently make at least one other human being happy ? If you can immediately say yes to this question …. GO !


Happy Mothers’ Day … here’s a treat :)

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the Mommies, Aunties, Mommies-to-be … to all females who share their love, time and resources to children, this day was for you.

I spent it editing a little gem for you guys.

Sam Fine is the beauty authority when it comes to women of color. I recorded three of the key tips he shared during his demo at IMATS New York in April. I have started using them in my own personal and professional makeup application. The results are amazing.

Check it out on my YouTube channel. 



New York New York …..

This post is so long overdue. Its been exactly a month since my trip to The International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in New York. I am finally sitting down to at least share about it. I have so many photos, so much video to edit, so much makeup to use !!!


Let’s back track a little though. The biggest motivation to leave my job in corporate, was my vision of the life I always wished for. Part of that vision was travel. I jumped at the opportunity to attend IMATS firstly, for the obvious reasons as a professional makeup artist, but, also because it was hosted in New York. I’ve never been …. I was sold!!IMG_6465

As with visiting any new place for the first time, landing in New York was exhilarating. I must say though, New York was different. At first I thought it reminded me of Las Vegas because of the bustle, but the energy was different. There was a constant hum, an incessant buzz of focused energy, business, commerce, even the kids looked about their hustle. I have concluded New York is the cathedral of capitalism. I didn’t mind it at all !!! Capitalize on capitalism I did, and it started with IMATS the day after landing


I would advise anyone who loves makeup and makeup artistry to attend IMATS. For a working Make Up Artist you need to go!! The first thing IMATS did for me was rekindle my spark. The passion for artistry was palpable. The first stop was the Anastasia line. It was so long !!! At first my girlfriend Saadiya and I groaned but as soon as we stood at the tail end we made friends with the girls ahead of us and started chatting about products, where each person was from, what our area of specialty was etc. That was how it was all day for two days. Meeting enthusiasts, professionals, students, mothers of mua’s, you name it, once they had anything to do with makeup they were there. Speaking with everyone made me feel like a total sponge soaking up their passion and excitement while I passed on my own. It reminded me why I loved make up and artistry. It cemented why I traveled for a show like that.

Another reason, and a huge one at that to head to IMATS was the pricing. As a professional Make Up Artist, you need to be ready for any client. Getting your kit stocked up is an ongoing process and is expensive. Enter trade shows. Trade shows such a IMATS are heaven sent. All the top brands in one place with huge discounts in some cases. Also they make sure and bring their A-game. All the newest products, limited edition items etc. I don’t need to buy makeup until IMATS 2018 !!!

Education is always a huge feature at trade shows and IMATS was no exception. They brought together a team of A-listers in beauty education. My favorites were Sam Fine on Saturday and Frederick Sanders on Sunday. Sam brought it back to basics and showed first hand how to deliver classic beauty especially for dark skin. Frederick excited me to get back into airbrushing when he worked his magic doing a look from start to finish completely with his airbrush products.

The IMATS weekend was the main reason for travel to New York but why miss out on exploring the Big Apple? I am pleased to say Saads and I mastered the subway… my metro card is still in my wallet. We purchased US sim cards so no wifi, no problem for us! Google maps is now my best friend when traveling.

I used to be that girl who didn’t travel to any place I didn’t have a family member. I don’t know that chic anymore. The more I travel the more adventurous I get. I realize that every city has its quirks and commonalities.

In the words of the late Derek Walcott;

“I read, I travel, I become”.

Work Hard but make sure you Play Harder !!!

The Entrepreneurial journey is one fraught with ups and downs, wins and losses. Along my short and continuing journey I have made a few mistakes but hiring Carissa Daniel, The Business Radical was not one of them.

Carissa hosts a Blog of her own and asked me to guest write a piece on my own experience. I hope you enjoy.

The Online Urban Dictionary defines ENTREPRENEUR as follows:

“Somebody who has the balls to drop their current job, relationships, family, friends to pursue rich dreams. Somebody who wants to be recognized by their community, or even their country. Somebody who views the world differently. An entrepreneur is the person who knows the world is flawed, they know a 9-5 job isn’t fulfilling, they know the educational system is shit. We are the risk takers. We are the ones who want to make it big in life. Our peers will go job hunting with a piece of paper called a “degree” while we’re creating our own jobs. We’re the boss. We’re the one who hire people. We’re the one who starts a business. We are entrepreneurs.”
I read this and felt like I could stand up and beat my entrepreneurial chest !!! Grab the bull by the horns and own it !!! That’s the lifestyle we sell as entrepreneurs. We are in control, we are ouIMG_6486.JPGr own boss, we call the shots. What happens when the boss, shot-caller ,horn-grabber, chest-beater is just plain tired? When business is great but as the business owner you are worn down and overwhelmed by it all? Where does the Urban Dictionary talk about that ? It doesn’t, so let’s.

I worked in corporate from the time I left University. Eventually I knew there was more to life than making some invisible entity money while loosing my precious family time. I quit my job and followed my dream. My dream was this, to make a life that I didn’t have to take a vacation from.To serve and make people happy while making a living. In making this very dream a reality however I get caught up and loose sight of it. Let me however share my tips for making sure the dream is still alive.

Do what you love…
… and you will never work a day in your life. While working for the man, I pursued activities that made me happy and researched ways in which I could make money from them. I sacrificed many evenings after work doing makeup and eyelash extensions for friends until I started getting paid for it. Ureka !!! A possible sustainable business !!!

As a human being one must keep learning constantly. More so as a service provider in my ever changing industry. I seek out training in places that I have never been and make it a vacation. Who says you can’t combine work with pleasure ?

Take a knee
In the blockbuster movie “After Earth”, Will Smith’s character (Cypher Raige) says to his son, Jaden Smith (Kitai Raige) “Take a Knee” . He uses this quote throughout the movie to center his son and calm him. I try to remember this or some other calming quote when I feel overwhelmed. The first instinct is always to push on and push through the hurdles. Get it done now. It must get done now. I have found that “now” when feeling flustered and overwhelmed is not always best. Take a knee, take a breath, a tea, a coffee or a walk and attack it later with a clear head and light heart.

Mind your business.
A guaranteed source of hypertension is looking at what the other person is doing. Yes we must keep sight of our competition, advancements in the field, price changes etc, but be confident that you and your team know what’s right for your business and your clients. Be sure to be the best at what you do but make sure it’s your best and not someone else.

The journey is the destination
You will fail, you will win, you will laugh, cry, scream… it’s all a part of the beautiful journey we as entrepreneurs, visionaries, chest-beaters, horn-grabbers, shot-callers have embarked on. Be sure to sincerely enjoy your choice and cherish the journey.

We are the privileged few who have chosen this life. Work hard my friend but be sure to play harder

IMATS New York – My waking dream

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.43.38 AMExcitement is an understatement !!!

As I type today I am so excited. This time next week I’ll be neck deep in makeup and artistry ! I will be at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS).
What is IMATS ?

The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show, or IMATS, is the make-up world’s biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, exhibitors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer.

I’m a makeup artist so of course this is great for business as I can learn more and update my kit. I chose a different spin for this blog entry though. This trip represents more than just business. It’s a dream come true.

VAN16_Lianne_Mosely_Ben_Nye_2T6B8928-800x533I did my first makeup artistry training in Trinidad in 2015 with Buntricia Bastian. We were partnered up for the training and my partner was the beautiful, amazing, fit funny Ms Saadiya Nakhuda (Lotus Touch Beauty) who I met previously during Novalash training. We thoroughly enjoyed our training and swore we were going to do more trips like that to learn and shop and enjoy each other’s friendship … our dream was IMATS. So much so we started a whats app group .. “IMATS …. at some point” with another friend. As friendships do we all had different life journeys but I’m pleased to say that 2 years later Saadiya and I are making the trip together.

You want something … make it happen … period.

I’ve dreamed about this trip for 2 years … you know I have a game plan.

Crowd_9R9A1728-800x533At my last count there were 96 exhibitors. That’s a lot and all these booths are set up to entrance and entice you to spend your life savings with them …. it happened to me in Las Vegas at IBS …. I wasn’t ready lol. This time I will be !!! I am almost done with my list. I have painstakingly gone through the IMATS exhibitor list. I’ve short listed the exhibitors that I’m interested in, gone to their websites, and made a list of the individual products I want with prices. When I’m done with this initial list I will then cut it again to my planned budget.
Of course I know some gorgeously painted sales assistant will bogle my mind and make me want to go over my budget … enter Saadiya to drag me away bodily if necessary : )

Battle-of-the-BrushesI am going to be surrounded by my Idols in makeup. The face definitely has to be beat to pay homage to the makeup GodS, but the outfit will be warm and comfortable. Again learning from experience comfort is everything. In Las Vegas at IBS I wore wedges and was thoroughly exhausted with swollen ankles by the end of the day. Warm layers on top, leggings and flats.

The tiny pots of eyeshadow, tubes of lipstick and pans of powder add up and my shoulders felt unhinged at the end of IBS last July. Large trolley bag. When I arrive in New York the first purchase will be a jumbo shoulder bag that can be rolled and a back up back pack for the extra stuff that cant fit …. yeah we going to shop 🙂

Shopping-1024x683Most booths definitely will accept plastic but I found it will keep me on budget when I use cash as it’s finite. I am cognizant though that large wads of cash make one a target so I’m going to be using a mix of booth

38de5cf9d07648f0da754fcb63790b89Not only am I blessed to have this dream trip come through but somebody actually wants me to share it !!!

Amazing !!!

She Caribbean Magazine has asked me to takeover their instagram account and share the day with their followers. Excuse me while I say it again..

Amazing !!!

I am taking this very seriously and am going to clear out the memory in my camera because i will documenting everything !!! Make sure and follow them at @SheCaribbeanMag

bea877d0c7a28cb3ac8276c23c87106aIMATS offers free classes!!! Yes free !! I am taking advantage of this opportunity to pick the brains of industry living legends like ….. dramatic pause ….. Sam Fine

Saturday I chose to sit in on:
The Money Maker: Classic Beauty Make-Up with Kevin James Bennett
Fine: The Basics Of Beauty with Sam Fine

Sunday I have the following to look forward to
Next Generation Of Airbrush with Frederick Sanders
The “Insta-Bride”: Translating Instagram Photos To Marry Reality And Expectations with Megan Garmers

This is the biggest makeup artist and enthusiast mixer ever !!! I will be taking the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts, artists and suppliers to foster new relationships and avenues for expansion and diversification of the business. Also to plain old make new friends !!!

I have my game plan but I am going to take intervals to just really appreciate the fact that I am living my own personal dream. No-one else’s.

I can’t wait to share photos stories tips and tricks with you guys when i get back

Have a great week y’all