IMATS New York – My waking dream

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.43.38 AMExcitement is an understatement !!!

As I type today I am so excited. This time next week I’ll be neck deep in makeup and artistry ! I will be at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS).
What is IMATS ?

The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show, or IMATS, is the make-up world’s biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, exhibitors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer.

I’m a makeup artist so of course this is great for business as I can learn more and update my kit. I chose a different spin for this blog entry though. This trip represents more than just business. It’s a dream come true.

VAN16_Lianne_Mosely_Ben_Nye_2T6B8928-800x533I did my first makeup artistry training in Trinidad in 2015 with Buntricia Bastian. We were partnered up for the training and my partner was the beautiful, amazing, fit funny Ms Saadiya Nakhuda (Lotus Touch Beauty) who I met previously during Novalash training. We thoroughly enjoyed our training and swore we were going to do more trips like that to learn and shop and enjoy each other’s friendship … our dream was IMATS. So much so we started a whats app group .. “IMATS …. at some point” with another friend. As friendships do we all had different life journeys but I’m pleased to say that 2 years later Saadiya and I are making the trip together.

You want something … make it happen … period.

I’ve dreamed about this trip for 2 years … you know I have a game plan.

Crowd_9R9A1728-800x533At my last count there were 96 exhibitors. That’s a lot and all these booths are set up to entrance and entice you to spend your life savings with them …. it happened to me in Las Vegas at IBS …. I wasn’t ready lol. This time I will be !!! I am almost done with my list. I have painstakingly gone through the IMATS exhibitor list. I’ve short listed the exhibitors that I’m interested in, gone to their websites, and made a list of the individual products I want with prices. When I’m done with this initial list I will then cut it again to my planned budget.
Of course I know some gorgeously painted sales assistant will bogle my mind and make me want to go over my budget … enter Saadiya to drag me away bodily if necessary : )

Battle-of-the-BrushesI am going to be surrounded by my Idols in makeup. The face definitely has to be beat to pay homage to the makeup GodS, but the outfit will be warm and comfortable. Again learning from experience comfort is everything. In Las Vegas at IBS I wore wedges and was thoroughly exhausted with swollen ankles by the end of the day. Warm layers on top, leggings and flats.

The tiny pots of eyeshadow, tubes of lipstick and pans of powder add up and my shoulders felt unhinged at the end of IBS last July. Large trolley bag. When I arrive in New York the first purchase will be a jumbo shoulder bag that can be rolled and a back up back pack for the extra stuff that cant fit …. yeah we going to shop 🙂

Shopping-1024x683Most booths definitely will accept plastic but I found it will keep me on budget when I use cash as it’s finite. I am cognizant though that large wads of cash make one a target so I’m going to be using a mix of booth

38de5cf9d07648f0da754fcb63790b89Not only am I blessed to have this dream trip come through but somebody actually wants me to share it !!!

Amazing !!!

She Caribbean Magazine has asked me to takeover their instagram account and share the day with their followers. Excuse me while I say it again..

Amazing !!!

I am taking this very seriously and am going to clear out the memory in my camera because i will documenting everything !!! Make sure and follow them at @SheCaribbeanMag

bea877d0c7a28cb3ac8276c23c87106aIMATS offers free classes!!! Yes free !! I am taking advantage of this opportunity to pick the brains of industry living legends like ….. dramatic pause ….. Sam Fine

Saturday I chose to sit in on:
The Money Maker: Classic Beauty Make-Up with Kevin James Bennett
Fine: The Basics Of Beauty with Sam Fine

Sunday I have the following to look forward to
Next Generation Of Airbrush with Frederick Sanders
The “Insta-Bride”: Translating Instagram Photos To Marry Reality And Expectations with Megan Garmers

This is the biggest makeup artist and enthusiast mixer ever !!! I will be taking the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts, artists and suppliers to foster new relationships and avenues for expansion and diversification of the business. Also to plain old make new friends !!!

I have my game plan but I am going to take intervals to just really appreciate the fact that I am living my own personal dream. No-one else’s.

I can’t wait to share photos stories tips and tricks with you guys when i get back

Have a great week y’all



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