New York New York …..

This post is so long overdue. Its been exactly a month since my trip to The International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in New York. I am finally sitting down to at least share about it. I have so many photos, so much video to edit, so much makeup to use !!!


Let’s back track a little though. The biggest motivation to leave my job in corporate, was my vision of the life I always wished for. Part of that vision was travel. I jumped at the opportunity to attend IMATS firstly, for the obvious reasons as a professional makeup artist, but, also because it was hosted in New York. I’ve never been …. I was sold!!IMG_6465

As with visiting any new place for the first time, landing in New York was exhilarating. I must say though, New York was different. At first I thought it reminded me of Las Vegas because of the bustle, but the energy was different. There was a constant hum, an incessant buzz of focused energy, business, commerce, even the kids looked about their hustle. I have concluded New York is the cathedral of capitalism. I didn’t mind it at all !!! Capitalize on capitalism I did, and it started with IMATS the day after landing


I would advise anyone who loves makeup and makeup artistry to attend IMATS. For a working Make Up Artist you need to go!! The first thing IMATS did for me was rekindle my spark. The passion for artistry was palpable. The first stop was the Anastasia line. It was so long !!! At first my girlfriend Saadiya and I groaned but as soon as we stood at the tail end we made friends with the girls ahead of us and started chatting about products, where each person was from, what our area of specialty was etc. That was how it was all day for two days. Meeting enthusiasts, professionals, students, mothers of mua’s, you name it, once they had anything to do with makeup they were there. Speaking with everyone made me feel like a total sponge soaking up their passion and excitement while I passed on my own. It reminded me why I loved make up and artistry. It cemented why I traveled for a show like that.

Another reason, and a huge one at that to head to IMATS was the pricing. As a professional Make Up Artist, you need to be ready for any client. Getting your kit stocked up is an ongoing process and is expensive. Enter trade shows. Trade shows such a IMATS are heaven sent. All the top brands in one place with huge discounts in some cases. Also they make sure and bring their A-game. All the newest products, limited edition items etc. I don’t need to buy makeup until IMATS 2018 !!!

Education is always a huge feature at trade shows and IMATS was no exception. They brought together a team of A-listers in beauty education. My favorites were Sam Fine on Saturday and Frederick Sanders on Sunday. Sam brought it back to basics and showed first hand how to deliver classic beauty especially for dark skin. Frederick excited me to get back into airbrushing when he worked his magic doing a look from start to finish completely with his airbrush products.

The IMATS weekend was the main reason for travel to New York but why miss out on exploring the Big Apple? I am pleased to say Saads and I mastered the subway… my metro card is still in my wallet. We purchased US sim cards so no wifi, no problem for us! Google maps is now my best friend when traveling.

I used to be that girl who didn’t travel to any place I didn’t have a family member. I don’t know that chic anymore. The more I travel the more adventurous I get. I realize that every city has its quirks and commonalities.

In the words of the late Derek Walcott;

“I read, I travel, I become”.


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