Do I Stay or Do I Go?

As a Beauty Consultant I am finding that I double as a Psychologist a lot of times. Whether it’s an eyelash extension client, a makeup client or a model at a shoot …. I find myself sometimes listening to or witnessing intimate moments in my clients’ and colleagues’ lives.

I think it’s because our field is so intimate. When you are finding out how best to make your client beautiful it is inevitable that you have to tap into what makes them ultimately happy and so inadvertently unhappy. As part of a team of beauty providers, we are constantly feeding off of each other’s creativity, motivation, inspiration and mood.

This brings me to the inspiration for today’s blog. One of my colleagues has reached a point where they think it’s best to move on. Today was their last day with their team. I felt the emotions. Sadness at leaving, relief at putting an end to a difficult situation, excitement for what is to come. How did they know it was time… How did they decide to stay or to go ?


Relationship, work or your favorite shade of Anastasia Liquid Lipstick … it’s a choice. Everyday we wake up and wether we are conscious of it or not , we make a choice. We make a choice to love our spouse, our kids. We make a choice to get dressed and go to work. We make a choice to wear that favorite shade of red lipstick. You may say no , one has to go to work, one has to love one’s family, without makeup one looks terrible so one has to wear it. I have news for you….. we CHOOSE to do these things. You choose to love your family because they are yours and they make you happy. You choose to go to work so you can pay bills, put food on the table. You choose to wear makeup because you don’t want to startle yourself every time you pass a reflective surface. When making the choice becomes a conscious effort however, you need to start asking yourself … Do I stay or do I go?


I believe you cannot love anyone or have passion for anything until you unconditionally love yourself. The situations you are in affect that self love. Is your spouse constantly insulting you and damaging your ego? Is your job forcing you to be the constant bad guy and affect peoples lives negatively ? Is your mascara making you look like arachnophobia 2 is about to be filmed on your face ? You can’t honestly feel self-love in these situations. Ask the question … Do I stay or Do I go ?


Does your life make a difference ? Does your existence make the world a better place? Do you feel appreciated by your family, friends, employer, clients? Do you feel that you currently make at least one other human being happy ? If you can immediately say yes to this question …. GO !



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