What to look for in a Beauty Service Provider

Last Wednesday evening I hosted my first Instagramlive Question and Answer session.  This medium is nice to reach you guys more intimately and interact in real time so I will be doing one every other week. I had a great time so thank you guys who tuned in and spent some time with me. For those of you that couldn’t join us please see the full recorded video and an outline of what was covered below.

I chose this topic because I always have clients who come in and have had less than satisfactory service not just with other makeup or lash artists but in the beauty industry as a whole. When I asked ore questions sometimes it could have been avoided by asking certain questions.

For any provider in the beauty industry you should always:
1. Look at their work … see it on friends , social media, website or portfolio.
2. Find out their policies … cancellations, touch ups, allergy or other problem solving.
3. Where are they located ? Is the environment safe, comfortable and clean?
4. What are their views on ensuring the health and safety of the medium working on i.e. the natural lash, hair, nail or skin
5. Do you like their attitude and demeanor?

With regard to my specific area of expertise the questions you should ask are as follows:

Hiring a Makeup Artist
– What are your qualifications?
– What makeup products do you use?
– What if you get sick and can’t do my makeup?
– Are there extra costs , travel , touch up etc ?
– Do you do house calls ?
– How much experience do you have ?
– Can I see see your portfolio?

Hiring an Eyelash Extension artist
– Are you licensed ?
– Where did you do your training ?
– How long have you been applying extensions ?
– Can I see your work ?
– What brand of adhesive and extensions do you use ?
– do you recommend for post application maintenance ?



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