At your next lash appointment, ask for artistry !

Eat, sleep, lash repeat! Pretty much describes my days with makeup appointments thrown in here and there.


989f76a4730769fba5b4a12253505cf7I started my lash life in October 2012. When I started, the struggle was to offer my clients good looking sets in 2 hours or under. Now I can easily do a basic classic set in an hour once uninterrupted. As my speed, skill, confidence and clientele grew, my focus shifted. I started to really see the differences in eye shapes, facial features and how different lash extensions looked on different people. Thus began my journey into offering Lash Artistry.

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One should always seek to be the best at what one does and so I started “artistry” as a consequence of simply wanting to do the best for my clients. Make them look the best I could, serve them the best I could. As I dabbled more I realized that artistry was also a stepping stone to distinguish myself in the lash game while offering my clients that specialized service.

It’s just lashes right? Well not really. Anyone can learn to apply lash extensions but it takes dedication, skill and experience to be able to look at someone’s eye shape, consider their lifestyle, personal style and lash health and custom design a set of extensions just for them.

What does this mean though?

When I first started I offered my clients the choice of Cat-Eye or Bambie look. Cat eye meant applying the longer extensions toward the outer corner of the eye to give a narrower eye shape and a sexier cat eye look. The Bambie look opens up smaller eyes by applying the longer extensions toward the centre of the eye. This tricks the onlooker and makes the eye appear wider. As I advanced in my artistry I noticed that one could play with these basic shapes and give so much variation within them … and what fun my clients and I are having now.

At your next appointment be sure to discuss with your extensions what shape would look good on your eye shape vs the look you had in mind. Your extensions can then balance what you want with what you have to work with (your natural lashes and lifestyle).


I recently discovered that pre-made lash maps are now offered to guide persons when applying the extensions. So if you see them pulling out a lash pad with a bunch of numbers on it, don’t get freaked out.

My hope for the industry in the Caribbean is that my fellow extensionists use these resources and continuous training to up their lash game. My hope for my existing and potential clients is that you play with artistry and allow us to give you an unforgettable experience.